Our Team


William Inman is President and Primary designer of Inman Foodservices Group L.L.C. Billy has been designing for over 30 years. His portfolio includes large and small kitchens, patient tray delivery systems and retail centers throughout the country in both commercial and non commercial facilities. Billy delivers a quality design and owner support that reaps 90% repeat business for IFSG.




Jeffrey Brown is Vice President Hospitality Design of Inman’s Miami Office which specializes in the design of Hotels, Resorts, Casinos and Country Clubs. He manages the Miami office and is the Senior Design and Project Manager of all Hospitality projects. Jeff has over 48 years experience in Operations and Management as well as the Design and Engineering side of the Foodservice industry.




Julie Jones is a Senior Project Manager for Inman’s Miami Office. She is experienced in all aspects of food facility design from concept to completion and well versed in all types of commercial and institutional foodservice facilities. Julie has over 20 years experience in the Foodservice industry.





Lourdes (Juji) Zapata is a Senior Project Coordinator for Inman’s Miami Office providing project coordination between the individual project managers, CADD specialists and administration assistants to complete the final project submission to the firm’s clients. Other responsibilities include project budgeting, specifications and firm marketing for Latin America. Juji has over 15 years experience in the Foodservice Industry.





Brandi Patterson is the Vice President of Foodservices and an IFSG Partner. She is the most experienced specification writer at IFSG and also works design and project management for schools and universities. Her expertise and relationships with equipment dealers and manufacturers ensure the best product and pricing for owners. She has 30 years of experience.





Frank Flowers is a Senior Project Manager here at IFSG. He is an expert in all CAD programs and is currently leading our Revit team. Frank compiles cut sheets, prints, and is our point man for file conversions, direct e-mailing and correspondence with the design team. His work is part of making the whole project run smoothly and transparently for the owner. Frank has 13 years of experience.





Roger Koehn is the 3D\designer for IFSG. He is our 3D rendering specialist. His drawings include textures, colors, fabrics and finishes of all of the foodservice kitchens, dining areas, retail centers, and cafés. His renderings assist the owner and anyone who might not be familiar with foodservice areas to capture the full essence of the design as if they were looking directly into the finished space.





John Caldwell is IFSG’s field coordinator and supervisor. He writes submittal reviews, field supervision, bid management and analysis and attends the jobsite meetings during construction administration. His work minimizes the owners involvement in the construction and installation phases because he solves the problems on site and then works as the owner liaison to the installers and construction crews. John has 25 years of experience.




Rodolfo Zepeda started with Inman Foodservice Group as a CADD operator in 2001, producing mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough-in drawings, detail elevations and isometric views,and converting architectural documents and schedules to provide a complete set of bid documents and equipment cut sheet books. He has been in the foodservice industry since 1997, initially working on shop drawings and field dimensions to produce elevations and isometric drawings, insuring proper installation of custom built mill work and stainless steel equipment.



Michael Cribb is a certified chef with a variety of culinary experiences ranging from restaurant executive chef to restaurant design consultant. He was voted best chef in Nashville in 2000 and has appeared on Discovery Channel’s Great Chef’s of the South Series and Food Networks Best of Spicy Foods.





Jonathan Toth, Jason Perez , James Bonham, Jerry Davis, Joshua Smith and LeAnn Horne make up the DataCAD, AutoCAD, Microstation and specification support team. They work on a variety of projects assisting the primary designers. They have a combined 22 years of experience